The 5th European and the 8th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication

16‒17 October, 2017

Bielefeld University, Germany


New MA program on Multimodal Communication starting in September 2017 at the Vrije Universiteit/VU in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The one-year program, taught in English, welcomes applications from students holding or completing a Bachelor’s degree in linguistics, English, or language and communication. Core courses in the program concern the study of talk as a combination of speech and gesture, the differing roles of text and images in print and online communication, metaphor in various media as a means of framing ideas, and genres as a basic-level category of discourse events. Upon completion, students will be awarded an MA in Communication and Information Studies. Learn how there’s more to communication than meets the eye.

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The 4th European and 7th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication
University of Copenhagen
29-30 September 2016


The Third European and the 6th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication (MMSYM2015)

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
September 17, 18, 2015


The Second European Symposium on Multimodal Communication
University of Tartu, Estonia
August 6-8, 2014

Research Training Course Pointing to Gestures
4‒8 August 2014
University of Tartu, Estonia
The course will feature two invited lecturers:
Alan Cienki, VU University, Amsterdam and Moscow State Linguistic University
Kirsten Bergmann, University of Bielefeld, Germany




11. mail 2012 Tartu Ülikoolis



Suhtluspäev III: „Hääl ja ruum“

Reedel, 13. mail 2011 suhtlusuurijate ja doktorantide suuliste ja kirjalike
suhtlusmaterjalide analüüsi ja arutelukoosolek



Suhtluspäev II: „Suhtlusruum − kas suhtlusraam?“

Reedel, 14. mail 2010 suhtlusuurijate ja doktorantide teksti- ja
suhtlusmaterjalide analüüsi ja arutelukoosolek



Suhtluspäev „Suhe, suhtlemine ja suhtluskontekst“

Reedel, 15. mail 2009 suhtlusuurijate ja
doktorantide kõnekoosolek



Konverentsi “Mälu, suhtlus, kultuur” ja suhtluspäevi on osaliselt toetanud Eesti Teadusfondi grant nr 8008.